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Dick DeVos Has Been Successful Both In Business And Civic Leadership

One man who has spent his whole life building businesses and helping others succeed while doing so, and who has never quit when faced with defeats or small setbacks, is Dick DeVos, one of Michigan’s most successful entrepreneurs and civic leaders. DeVos is CEO of the Windquest Group, and formerly president and CEO of his family’s company Amway Corporation. He and his wife Betsy have presided as Chairs on multiple boards and non-profit organizations, including the NBA’s Orlando Magic, the Michigan State Board of Education, Spectrum Health System, the Thunderbird School of Global Management, RDV Corporation, and Grand Action Committee. Both Dick and Betsy have been heavily involved in the Michigan Republican Party, including Betsy’s time as chairperson a number of years back.

Dick DeVos went into business administration right from the start, earning his undergrad in the field from Northwood University. The family company Amway was founded by his father Richard DeVos back in 1959, and Dick started working there after receiving his bachelor’s degree at only 19 years old. Just 10 years later, he became a vice president and started growing the company’s portfolio at a tremendous rate. After briefly leaving the company for a few years he returned to take over as CEO upon his father’s retirement, and under his leadership the company expanded into more than 50 countries overseas, and by the time he stepped down from this position, Amway had reported $4.5 billion in sales in his last year alone.

But aside from holding executive positions at Amway and Windquest Group, Dick DeVos has also been a supporter of school of choice and private education. His Education Freedom Fund has been responsible for garnering scholarships and vouchers for lower income families to give them a chance to attend schools of their choice. His Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation gives annually to both educational and health care providers, and he has also founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos scholarship program for enrolling students in post-secondary education for business programs. He’s also the founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the first of its kind aviation charter school.

Dick DeVos even ran for governor back in 2006, only just to come up short to his Democrat opponent Jennifer Granholm. But he continued the fight in local politics, helping to get a right-to-work law passed in 2012. He’s also a major donor to the Kennedy Center’s art institute, now named the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. On his liesure time he sails in Lake Michigan’s Chicago-Mackinac race.

Why you should try the cleansing conditioner and products by Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean products are known for their usage all over the world. They are made for that woman who wants to get hair that looks like that of the women in the infomercials done by the company. There are many men and women who struggle to find the right products for their hair. The good news is that the Wen by Chaz products are readily available and you can stock their line and have the many benefits they have.

The products by Wen by Chaz come in many varieties. The one which you must have in your bathroom for your hair regimen is the cleansing conditioner. Their cleansing conditioner is designed to offer cleansing properties of shampoos as well as the conditioning benefits of a conditioner. Their conditioner also combines the cleaning power of shampoos but makes sure that your hair is not prone or exposed to harsh chemicals. In fact, their products are organic and herbal and their natural ingredients and essential oils are good for the scalp as well as the hair itself.

If you are looking for deep conditioning and moisturizing in a hair product, choose Wen by Chaz Dean products on Amazon this very day and start reaping the benefits that come with it. Women who have used the products for styling and even treating their hair find the products truly effective and they have no complaints about hair breakage or such.

When you was your hair using some harsh shampoos, you may irritate your scalp and even develop dry skin with dandruff. With the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, you do not have to worry about that. All you have to do is use the specified amount of the product on your hair. When you want to style it, apply the treatment which protects both your hair and scalp.

For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel and their website


The Lovaganza Announcement Brings Culture To The World

The Lovaganza announcement is something that a lot of people are going to love because they will be able to take in a lot of culture that they are not going to get anywhere else. It is very hard to enjoy culture when people are not able to see it all, but now they will be able to have more fun around it when they are coming out to see Lovaganza. The festival is going to last for months when it starts, and it has been put off from 2015 to 2020.

The festival is going to introduce culture from all around the world to people in a lot of different places. The culture that is shown will come from places where dance, art and music are king. These arts will have their performances in multiple locations around the world, and the performances are going to be a lot more fun than what most people would think. Someone who is trying to learn more about cultures of the world will enjoy Lovaganza because it will be shown on all kinds of media.

They wanted to wait to do the Lovaganza festival because they will stream it on apps for all devices on, and people will be able to watch it online. It will be a major education for people who have not seen these cultures before. The cultures that are shown come from even the most remote parts of the world, but people will see these cultures anew because they will be shown in live performance.

The attendees of Lovaganza can go out to the locations where the performances are happening, and they will be able to see something that is totally unique. The cultures are all easy to differentiate because they all have their own style, and the people watching can learn about these cultures while they watch. It is entertainment, but Lovaganza is also an education for the people of the world. Everyone is taught about what makes them different from the next person, but they are often not learning what makes them the same. Lovaganza will show all the world’s differences as one.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

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Steps To Take For Reputation Management

Who wants to succeed in business? The simple answer is “everyone”. Yet, not everyone is proactive enough to take the necessary steps to establish a desired brand name reputation online. Forbes published a well-crafted article that tells its readers to be very proactive with these tasks. More than just provide advice to be proactive, Forbes has tips on other strategies that should be taken as well.

Making oneself and one’s business known on the internet requires creating a solid presence. Social media is one of the best ways to do this which is why so many tens of millions of people promote themselves and their enterprises on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Creating as many social media profiles as possible and being active on them is of paramount importance in this market landscape.

Do not ignore other methods. Building a website, creating scores of different website domains, and adding incredible content to these online platforms are all things that should be done. Great content should never become stale. Updating content on websites and social media is strongly advised. Older, outdated content harms – if not eliminates – repeat visitor traffic.

At the time new content is produced, everyone should be made aware of it. An automated system that ensures “word gets out” new content has been published supports this task. Followers are only going to know what’s going on when they are notified.

Direct steps can be taken to reveal news to the public. Issuing a press release is a tried and true way of doing this. In the online age, a press released is released by simply publishing one online.

And do not listen to the downbeat online marketers who say search engine optimization is a thing of the past. The mere fact the search engines are still in existence and millions of people use them should dispel this myth. This fact should also serve as motivation to engage in SEO work. The stronger the positive presence in the search engines is, the better the impact on a reputation will be. is a resource to go to when search engine results are lacking. can clean up search results, annoying content, and more.

Kabbalah Opens It’s Doors To Everyone

Kabbalah holds it’s roots in the ancient mystic traditions of the Jewish interpretations of the Bible. The teachings of The Zohar deciphers parts of The Torah to be understood on not just a literal but a spiritual level. Kabbalah was traditionally only available to study by men who were married and had achieved the grand age of 40, when men were considered to be wise. It was at this point that this specific group of scholarly people would be allowed to study Kabbalah.

What The Kabbalah Centre seeks to do is to break tradition so that Kabbalah may benefit a more diverse group of people, so that anyone can study Kabbalah regardless of their race, ethnicity, origin or religion. In the 1980s, some trailblazing people, couple Rav Phillip Berg and his wife Karen, became directors at The Kabbalah Center and did just this. They opened the teachings of the Kabbalah to anyone who wanted to study and improve their lives.

The Kabbalah Centre is a place of education and learning where students have access to this bounty of information that when applied, can help people with their jobs, their relationships, their happiness and safety and to diminish the rocky and confusing times in their lives. Studying Kabbalah can help people to secure that happy family life and secure path in their life that they have always known existed yet had trouble accessing.

There are Centers all over the US, Europe, and in Israel so that whoever seeks to study Kabbalah will have a learning center to attend. There are also web seminars and teachings that are available to anyone who may be studying remotely. Kabbalah is not a doctrine, or a forced religion or anything that someone would feel pressured to adopt. These teachings have simply been made available for everyone to have access too so they may use them in their lives to find better peace and stability.

More information for the Kabbalah Centre:

The Kabbalah, a Supplement to Religion

The Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles and is a non-profit organization. The centre’s teacher provide students with practical methods for practicing Kabbalah. This is especially useful for those who have no previous knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew writings.

According to Kabbalah, all religious and spiritual belief systems are simply aspects of a universal wisdom. This is one of the reasons that Kabbalah resembles major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism in some way or another. New Age teachings are also included in Kabbalah. This is why the Kabbalah Centre doesn’t consider itself a substitute for another religion. Instead, Kabbalah is seen as a supplement to religion.

The Bible is explored in Kabbalah, and it is believed that the stories in the Bible are metaphors for life. These Biblical passages are also said to present universal laws that are unraveled through Zohar and Kabbalist teaching. There are also Kabbalistic commentaries that correspond with the weekly section of the Torah.

Kabbalah also teaches that humans should be more concerned with their relationship to the energy that is God, rather than connecting to God Himself. The religion emphasizes that God is beyond human understanding. In Kabbalah, the essence of God is referred to as “Light.”

Those who practice Kabbalah also believe that the five senses only access 1% of reality. There is a belief that there is a 99% that can not be accessed with any of the five senses.

Kabbalah also incorporates astrology into its teachings, and asserts that astrology has been part of Judaism for centuries. Those who practice Kabbalah believe that cosmic forces have an affect on everything in the world.

The Los Angeles location for the Kabbalah Centre was opened in 1984. There are over 50 branches of the Kabbalah Centre around the world, with locations in London, Toronto and New York City. Visit their website for more information.