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Digital PR Firm Faces Meteoric Growth

When a company is doing well it is hard to imagine reading anything negative about them. After all, why would negative content get out into the world? Still, it happens far more often than you think and great companies are forced to find ways to keep their reputation sparkling despite the trolls out there. Status Labs, a Texas based firm, has been increasingly successful in recent years thanks to the masterful work by CEO Darius Fisher. Now Status Labs is getting their time in the spotlight after landing on the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. With this new heading we can anticipate Status Labs experiencing even more explosive growth in the future.


Status Labs has been steered by CEO Darius Fisher for the better part of the last four years. Over that period of time we saw Status Labs grow by over 1,000%. This explosive growth is due to both the success of Status Labs and the continued need of an online reputation management company to step up and lead the way. Digital PR firms are easy to come by but hard to find when it comes to staying successful and under the radar. This is where Status Labs has excelled.


Upon being named to the Inc. 500 list CEO Darius Fisher was quick to put out a statement saying, “We are honored to be named to the Inc 500 List”. Fisher went on to explain that their placement on the list was just another piece of proof that the digital management realm was growing at an exponential pace. Fisher said, “We continue to grow, hire, and expand” and that he feels “optimistic about the future of Status Labs.” Placement on the list is far more than just a reason to stop and smile, however, as it has been shown to lead to real longterm success.


The Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company List has been a barometer for small companies who are finding their way to tremendous success. Other companies to have gotten placement on the list include Timberland, Dell, Dominos, LinkedIn, Zillow, Yelp, and even the music station Pandora.

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How to Improve Online Reputation Management

Every business must keep track of their online reputation. A bad customer experience can easily go viral in a few hours, ruining a company’s reputation. If you are not aware of the situation, the results can be serious for your business. Here are some tricks to help improve your business’s online reputation

Ensure that your sites are well updated

If you want to remain relevant all the time and get good search results, your social media sites should be updated regularly. Ensure that the content is fresh all the time and pay close attention to the social media strategy you are using. You can even hire a professional to update the sites for you.

Understand what is happening with your brand

In online reputation management, the most important thing is to know what is being said about your business. Some brand monitoring tools such as Mention are very effective in managing your brand and keeping you on top of each situation. You can also decide to set up the Google Alerts. This will keep you updated in what other people are saying about yourbrand.

Do not respond to the bad press immediately

When an individual is facing an online disaster, the first thing they think about is responding immediately. However, it is advisable to sit back and wait for a while. Avoid being negative or attacking your detractors during these situations. Get plenty of information before you get ready to respond to the allegations.

Accept mistakes and promise to fix them

After gathering information, the next thing is to accept the mistakes and work hard to fix them. People like giving second chances, and you can use them to redeem your business. Always be frank about the mistake you have committed, even if you will not go into details about it. Ensure that you apologize to the clients and explain what you are doing to fix the problem. If you deny the mistake or dig more into the situation, you will be making it worse. You need win the trust of your customers back, and you cannot win if you do not accept your mistakes.


SEC Whistleblower Attorneys Earn Major Payout For Client

The 2008 economic slowdown in the U.S. prompted calls in the U.s. for a change to be made in how the financial markets are regulated and operate, one of these changes was the introduction of the SEC whistleblower program created through the Dodd-Frank Act. In response to the new measures introduced to encourage whistleblowers to bring evidence to the SEC representing financial wrongdoing the Labaton Sucharow law firm, which has been operating for over 50 years, became the first legal group to establish a dedicated team of investigators and financial experts to represent whistleblowers bringing their evidence to the SEC.

The head of the Labaton Sucharow whistleblower team is Jordan A. Thomas, who helped write the Dodd-Frank Act introducing new measures to both reward and protect whistleblowers; the legal framework created for the SEC whistleblower program includes financial rewards provided for an individual whistleblower when their evidence leads to fines of over $1 million. These financial rewards backed by the U.S. Congress have recently resulted in a single whistleblower represented by the Labaton Sucharow team receiving $17 million, paid from a fund established by Congress in a bid to maintain the anonymity of each whistleblower.

The opportunity to remain anonymous during the whistleblower process is given to all individuals entering the program, this is important as Jordan Thomas has personally been involved in cases where whistleblowers have been identified and victimized by employers. The potential blacklisting of whistleblowers by members of the financial industry can be of major importance in a whistleblower deciding whether to bring their evidence to the SEC or not; the introduction of financial rewards and greater levels of secrecy is something Jordan Thomas has praised as bringing more whistleblowers to the fore, which in turn will breed a better regulated financial community in the U.S.

Jordan Thomas has a long history of protecting the rights of the individual investor against the might of larger financial companies; in fact, the cases he has brought on behalf of investors has resulted in financial relief of over $35 billion. One of the main areas the team at Labaton Sucharow assist whistleblowers is in investigating their case before bringing it to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The complex rules and regulations created for the financial industry can often leave an individual unsure of whether financial wrongdoing has taken place, a problem experienced financial attorneys and investigators can assist with.

Why Madison Street Capital is Nominated for the M & A Awards

Recently, Madison Street Capital was nominated for the M & A awards and it made the news in the world of finance. The Chicago based firm is now up for two awards and is now a finalist for the 15th annual M & A awards. As a private equity investment firm, Madison Street Capital serves clients both locally as well as around the globe. The M & A awards are regarded as the most prestigious awards to be given in the industry today. Those institutions which are nominated are those which have a consistent track record of excellence in all aspects of their banking including deal making as well as restructuring and designing creative financial solutions.

Leading firms and professionals alike are looking to the example set by Madison Street Capital in order to set the tone for how financial institutions should operate in all facets of their business. Madison Street Capital has also been nominated for an additional award in the marketplace that is extremely prestigious. The second award is known as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International and Industrials of the Year. All of the deals made for this award are under $100 million. Madison Street Capital was recognized due to the role they played in helping their client Dowco to acquire the renowned Acuna and Asociados S.A. Read more:

Founder and CEO, Charles Botchway, has been quite pleased with the efforts and results of his team and the well-deserved nomination for both awards. He believes that their success is due to the team’s sole commitment to excellence in all aspects of their banking and they have made the good faith effort to work tirelessly across multiple time zones.

Madison Street Capital works on an international level, working with clients all around the globe to make acquisitions, mergers, and to assist them in the financial restructuring of their organization. Madison Street Capital isn’t just leading the charge in these areas, but they are also serving their clients in a spirit of excellence and making sure that they remain focused on the client and their goals and objectives rather than their own.

Gooee is At The Forefront of LED Lighting

The lighting industry has made many changes over the past few decades regarding lighting products. A variety of new products have hit the market in recent years. While some of the products still utilize the design of past products, some of these products have new designs and functionality. One of the new lighting products that is different than earlier lighting products is LED Lighting.

LED lighting is the latest of the energy efficient lighting products to be introduced to the market. LED is short for “Light Emitting Diode”, which is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. LED lighting has several advantages over traditional lighting.

In many ways LED lighting is more energy efficient than older lighting products such as halogen or incandescent lighting. LED lighting saves money regarding power bills and the life span of LED lighting is much longer than older traditional lighting products.

There are many companies in the lighting industry. One of these companies is Gooee. This company is leading the way in many ways concerning the design and development of lighting products. Gooee is a company that is comprised of quality professionals who have extensive knowledge regarding the lighting industry and software.

The internal knowledge that Gooee has concerning the various aspects of lighting, software, and technology provides the company with the ability to make innovation developments related to lighting products.

LED lighting is one of the newer forms of lighting in the lighting industry. Gooee has been at the forefront of LED lighting development ( in the lighting industry. The company is constantly working on lighting and technology to enhance current lighting products and develop new lighting products.

New Brunswick Devco In Middle Of Heldrich Hotel Financial Snafu

The Heldrich Hotel, which was built by New Jersey-based New Brunswick Construction Company, is on the brink. Since the hotel opened its doors in 2007, it has been underperforming, and the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) has had problems making good on the $20 million loan secured through the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).
The 2005 loan to the MCIA has been in arears for 5 years. The last $1 million payment also defaulted recently, according to the

The recent loan defaults have put the issue of private companies taking public tax dollars for construction has come under fire.

Chris Paladino, CEO of CRDA says the monies will be paid back, however, it will take a little bit of time.

The Heldrich experiment hasn’t quite panned out as planned. The 257-room hotel was expected to be a smashing success. Quite the opposite has happened. The hotel has been operating in the hole almost since its opening. So cash-strapped, the hotel has been forced to dip into funds slated for basic things to continue operations.

“Sadly, many of the bondholders haven’t been paid in years,” said Paladino.

After the Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) issued $120 in bonds for improvement to Stockton University, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had seen enough. Last May he signed a bill forbidding non-profits and other businesses from receiving additional funds while in default.

CRDC Executive Director John Palmieri says he is optimistic about the future and believes that the economy will soon improve and the loan repaid.

DEVCO is a private non-profit that has done much to improve several New Jersey communities. The company is currently performing upgrades at Rutgers University thanks to funds from a number of local, federal and state resources.

Successful high-impact projects have put the company on the map and contributed to its massive success.


The Uniqueness Of Different Cultures Celebrated By Lovaganza

The many different cultures that can be found around the world are being celebrated by the Lovaganza Foundation at a time when political, cultural, and religious differences are causing tensions around the world. Lovaganza are looking to close the perceived gaps people in different cultures feel they have with each other by announcing a global festival that will be held in 2020 with eight different locations serving as the basis for a series of interactive exhibits that will both entertain and educate visitors about the different cultures around the world.

To prepare for the global festival of 2020 the Lovaganza Convoy will make its way around the world screening the trilogy of movies Lovaganza hopes to create over the next five years beginning with “Follow Your Sunshine”. The first movie began shooting in 2015 and will take an innovative approach to production with real locations used in some of the film making hubs of the planet, including Europe, North America, and India; the small Spanish town of Frigilana has been one of the first to benefit from the Lovaganza experience on as around $33,000 was added to the economy of this coastal area during the short period of filming.

There are many benefits the Lovaganza group hopes to bring to the world through the foundation, which include using the profits from the movies released to work with existing groups and programs to improve the quality of life for children around the world. A major part of the development of quality of life is the improvement in the standard of water available for children in all areas of the world, which the foundation hopes will then also benefit the rest of the global population by 2050.

A number of political and celebrity figures on have backed the aims and goals of Lovaganza, which should see the group achieve its aims of improving the quality of life for children across the planet in just a few short decades. The entertainment industry has a long history of working in the humanitarian industry, but the choices and plans made by Lovaganza have given the foundation the chance to make a real difference in the lives of billions of people globally.

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