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Meet Representative Julia Jackson of Jackson family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines has been around the winemaking business her entire life. Her father, the late Jess Jackson, was a wine archetype. He started this business six years before Julia was born. The year was 1982. Jess Jackson, Barbra Banke, and their kids started this fantastic journey. As of today, this journey is still going strong and Julia plays an important role in it all. She’s the youngest daughter of the couple, but she is one of the most ambitious. Julia has attended both Scripps College and Stanford University, she has professionally modeled in Los Angeles, and she is an industry trendsetter.Julia stated that her mother is her idol and this is where she gets her business sense from. Julia’s hard work and ambition comes from her father as she once worked the blazingly, hot fields of the Santa Maria Valley.

Julia JacksonJulia is a “woman warrior” in a sense, and her non-profit foundation is a direct reflection of her self’s image.Seedsof Empowerment is all about celebrating women, and their achievements. It donates hundreds of thousand of dollars on an annual basis through cash grants. Jackson Family Wines is still going strong as it has expanded into Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The climate and soils are perfect here as it produces some of the finest Pinot Noir. Jackson Family Wines has a popular beverage known as Barbara’s Clone 667, and this Pinot Noir delivers earthy aromas, rich flavors and a ruby red appearance.The success of this company comes from its great teamwork. It has numerous wineries abroad in Chile, Italy, France, Australia and in South Africa. This is business 101 and Jackson Family Wines epitomizes it all. In conclusion, Julia Jackson is just one part of a much bigger piece of the pie.

An in-depth look into the life of Dick DeVos

My career path for years now has been focused on trying to unearth and understand the life and philanthropic works of the renowned investor and business mogul Mr. Dick DeVos. In trying to understand who he is it is vital that we look into his family that has for many generations been involved in donating to those that are needy in the society. From time immemorial most of the family’s givings have been focused on giving towards political causes, but I came to understand that Dick DeVos on the other deviated from this.

In keeping up with his family traditions, Dick DeVos focuses his charity donation towards promoting the improvement of the education system in the United States of America. Doing this has rough him a lot of recognition because of the positive impact his funds have brought. In unraveling his philanthropic works, I came to understand more about who he is as a person going back to his time as a dedicated young student at Northwood University to his career life. His career life saw Mr. Dick DeVos occupy many executive leadership roles in many companies such as the Amway and the very famous Orlando magic basketball team playing in NBA.

An essential organization that Mr. Dick DeVos established with his wife Betsy DeVos is Education Freedom Fund which has been on the forefront in facilitating scholarship programs for students in America. Through the Fund that he helped established with a colleague Mr. Dick DeVos has been able to help fund more than 4,000 students in receiving a better education in Michigan.

It is important also to state his charity works not only involve donations but his active participations in schools as a board member of various institutions. For example, he had the opportunity of serving as a board member of West Michigan Aviation Academy.

His ambition to be able to fund children from low-income backgrounds led to him establish Alliance for School Choice that closely works with the American Federation for Children. A student that enroll in this program has the opportunity of accessing tax-free student loan that helps fund their education. The program itself has had tremendous success in the Florida with over 50,000 students registering to obtain the loans.

The program also allows a student to be flexible enough when it comes to choosing the institutions they want to attend. As evidenced by this Dick DeVos has mainly impacted the lives and education of so many students in America.


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