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Kyle Bass’s Bet On Asian Currencies

One of the most prominent hedge fund managers in America is betting that the economic troubles surrounding China are far from over. He speculates that these economic troubles are linked to the United States Dollar as well as other Asian currencies. If he’s predictions are right, both the commodities and equities markets will be affected.

About Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass founded a Dallas based fund known as Hayman Capital Management. In 2006, he amassed a lot of wealth and made headlines after his predictions on the 2008 mortgage crisis were correct. Critics noted that Bass was some sort of genius who couldn’t do anything wrong. However, he has made some bad decisions including the bet on the economic demise of Asian currencies.

According to a recent article posted on the Wall Street Journal, Bass’s company, Hayman Capital Management, sold most of its investments in commodities, bonds and stocks. This measure enabled the company to entirely focus on shortening Asian currencies that include the Hong Kong and Yuan Dollar. The article also noted that about 85% of the company’s portfolio is invested in trades that will absolutely pay off if both Hong Kong and Yuan Dollar depreciate in the next 3 years.

Kyle Bass’s Recent Interviews

In an interview that was broadcasted on Wall Street Week, a FOX Business Network owned program, Bass had some words to say regarding his investment opinion. He spoke about how his main focus is Asian currencies and how he expects the currencies to depreciate in economic value.

Basically, Kyle Bass predicts that the United States Dollar will gain more value after Asian currencies fall. His bet didn’t pay off at the beginning of 2016, but his investment timeframe is quite long to allow him to monitor the periods of Asian currency strengths and dollar weakness. In an interview conducted on 1st July, Bass assured investors that the corporate bond market of china valued at $3 trillion is freezing up due to the debt sales and rising defaults.

In another interview with Real Vision, Kyle Bass spoke about how China’s lending binge has created a big macro imbalance that has never been recorded in the world history. Bass is certain that bank losses worth $3 trillion will trigger a huge bailout forcing the central bank to slash reserve requirements.

Eric Pulier Creating Value with Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

While many individuals would consider a single entrepreneurial endeavor as a major one, the fact of the matter is there are some hustlers out there who are willing to create something and then move on to create something else. The mindset of an entrepreneur never stops, and therefore they can only stick with one task until they think they have done enough and cannot add any additional value. For an individual with the passion, knowledge, and spirit like Eric Pulier has, it only makes sense to see that he just keeps going on to the next mission and the next business project.

When you think about someone like Eric Pulier, the questions shouldn’t be about what he can do next. After all, someone with his early background has already accomplished a lot and the expectations have turned astonishment over what he has done previously into seeing just another one of his many triumphs. In short, Eric has had significant success but at each and every accomplishment it only seems like it is an expectation just because of how much he has already done and because of how much more he wants to do still.

The biggest reason that anyone would want to continue to pay attention to the work of Pulier is simply because of the type of work that he does and how he combines entrepreneurship with business startups. At the end of the day there are a significant number of opportunities available, and when you consider all of the possibilities that are out there with respect to just startups that help people, you can easily see how Eric Pulier would be able to get involved. When you throw in the fact that all of his previous experience has continued to allow him to get ahead with connections, it only makes sense why so many eyes continue to watch him now.

At the end of the day, anyone who wants to see where one of the next big things will come from only needs to keep an eye on Eric. He has proven time and time again that he is only just a short while from his next big idea, and there never seems to be any slowing down in him.

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