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What Magnises is all About

Life in the big cities can be very difficult for young people and young professionals. These are people at their prime years wishing to enjoy their youth while it lasts. The only problem with being a young person and beginning life in the big cities such as New York and Washington DC is that they are always broke and financially unstable. This is what motivated Billy McFarland to establish the startup known as the Magnises back in 2013. Billy was a college student studying computer engineering at the time he founded this black card. Since then, the venture has proved successful, and it offers a variety of benefits to its users.

With this card, you get to enjoy the best services and products that are reserved for the rich and the old. As a millennial, being part of Magnises black card gives you a chance of enjoying services reserved for billionaires and the Royals. The annual subscription fee for this club is two hundred and fifty dollars. Most of its subscribers are young professions aged between twenty one and thirty five years. Presently, the services of this card on are available in two cities only. New York City and Washington DC. Plans are underway to expand its services to other cities in the United States of America.

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Magnises services

Once you become a member of Magnises black card, some of the services you get to enjoy include the concierge app that can only be compared to a personal assistant only this time that the assistant is virtual. The app gets to give you recommendations of the day as well as answer your general questions about Magnises services. If you badly need a massage or places to get fun, the app suggests these places to you whenever you type your query in the search box on Also, by flashing the cards at various joints such as restaurants and bars as well as clubs, you get to enjoy discounts at these places. Another good thing about this service is that it allows you to choose the best seats for a concert or even allows you to attend an exhibition at a reasonable cost.

The service is not reserved for the broke as it has managed to attract big names all over the East Coast such as Songwriters, basketball players, and notable actresses. By the end of 2015, the service had a subscription of about twelve thousand people and still growing. Magnises targets professionals working in certain industries such as fashion, technology, and finance. To become a member of Magnises, you must be recommended as it is a referral only club. Other services offered by this club allows members to access co-working spaces at alley at a reasonable price of ninety-nine dollars a month. The hotel pass, on the other hand, allows members to sleep at hotels in New York for a price of seventy-nine dollars a night. Finally, the Club pass allows members to access designated clubs at a price of sixty-five dollars a month.

Dick DeVos Has Been Successful Both In Business And Civic Leadership

One man who has spent his whole life building businesses and helping others succeed while doing so, and who has never quit when faced with defeats or small setbacks, is Dick DeVos, one of Michigan’s most successful entrepreneurs and civic leaders. DeVos is CEO of the Windquest Group, and formerly president and CEO of his family’s company Amway Corporation. He and his wife Betsy have presided as Chairs on multiple boards and non-profit organizations, including the NBA’s Orlando Magic, the Michigan State Board of Education, Spectrum Health System, the Thunderbird School of Global Management, RDV Corporation, and Grand Action Committee. Both Dick and Betsy have been heavily involved in the Michigan Republican Party, including Betsy’s time as chairperson a number of years back.

Dick DeVos went into business administration right from the start, earning his undergrad in the field from Northwood University. The family company Amway was founded by his father Richard DeVos back in 1959, and Dick started working there after receiving his bachelor’s degree at only 19 years old. Just 10 years later, he became a vice president and started growing the company’s portfolio at a tremendous rate. After briefly leaving the company for a few years he returned to take over as CEO upon his father’s retirement, and under his leadership the company expanded into more than 50 countries overseas, and by the time he stepped down from this position, Amway had reported $4.5 billion in sales in his last year alone.

But aside from holding executive positions at Amway and Windquest Group, Dick DeVos has also been a supporter of school of choice and private education. His Education Freedom Fund has been responsible for garnering scholarships and vouchers for lower income families to give them a chance to attend schools of their choice. His Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation gives annually to both educational and health care providers, and he has also founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos scholarship program for enrolling students in post-secondary education for business programs. He’s also the founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the first of its kind aviation charter school.

Dick DeVos even ran for governor back in 2006, only just to come up short to his Democrat opponent Jennifer Granholm. But he continued the fight in local politics, helping to get a right-to-work law passed in 2012. He’s also a major donor to the Kennedy Center’s art institute, now named the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. On his liesure time he sails in Lake Michigan’s Chicago-Mackinac race.

Securus Has The Best Prison Call System

Securus is the best prison calling system in the country, and they have created an app that goes along with it. The company boasts an A+ rating from the BBB. They have made it easy for the people calling to use video calls, and I have seen the video call quality that is so good. It is much easier for people to see their family and friends, and I have been able to call my aunt while she is in jail. She needs to have some encouragement, and she can get it from me when I flip my phone and have a talk with her. I just pick where she is, her name and then we can start talking.

Someone who wants to have a good time chatting with friends and family needs to make sure that they are going to have the app on their phone. Securus created the app to make sure that people would be able to see their loved ones, and they have a very good call quality that is going to make it more fun to see the people you love. I just need to be able to see her face to make sure that she is alright, and that is why I am using Securus. They have made it clear that their calling system is so much better.

There are a lot of other things that we can do when we talk over the Securus America link, and I am using the call system to see her at least once a week. There are many people who are going to need this app because of the way that it is put together, and that is why I keep recommending it. I just think it is a much better choice that trying to make a regular phone call when you cannot go up to the jail on your own.

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Technology And Innovation Are Key For Duda Melzer

The use of technology and innovation are not always the terms most of us would think of when we discuss the appointment of members of a single family to key positions within a major company. However, the newly appointed President of Brazil’s RBS Group is changing the way we think of planned promotions after Duda Melzer took over the role of President of the South American media giant from his uncle. Melzer has taken a different career path to many who can step into a family owned business and sought to explore life in other areas of the world before returning to the RBS Group after a successful career in the U.S.

Duda Melzer has spent the last two years working in various areas of the RBS Group in a bid to learn as much as possible about the company his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky established in 1957. Melzer had been earmarked to take control of the RBS Group two years ago and set out to work in various departments to make sure he understood as mkuch as possible about this company that operates TV and radio stations, and various news outlets. Maintaining the journalistic integrity RBS has developed over its history is one of the main areas Duda Melzer has sought to maintain in his short leadership of the company.

By leaving his native Brazil, Duda Melzer sought to discover different business practices and non traditional media practices with a period spent working and studying in the U.S. Not only did Melzer graduate from the University of Harvard with an MBA, he also developed a strong career in alternative media options he has taken back to Brazil and the RBS Group.


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Diversant: An Entrepreneur Offers Staffing Solutions

One thing that could be said for entrepreneurs is that they could easily find a market that they could profit from. Among the most important markets that entrepreneurs could take part in is the job placement market. Fortunately, a couple of entrepreneurs have gotten together to put together a staffing company that helps IT professionals find jobs. This company is called Diversant LLC. This staffing solutions company helps people find the jobs that they are looking for so that they can support themselves. It also provides job counseling services in order to help people improve their resume and skills so that they could more easily land the job.

Diversant LLC is the idea of John Goullet and Gene Waddy. Goullet is the Principal of the company. He has started off providing IT consulting solutions. He eventually switched into IT staffing. He has served plenty of companies including Fortune 500 companies. His company, Info Technologies was a very successful company that eventually gained $30 M. John Goullet has eventually met with Gene Waddy. They have connected and decided to bring their companies together to form Diversant LLC. As the Principal of the black owned company, John Goullet continues to look for innovative solutions for the IT market.

With entrepreneurs like John, one thing is for certain, people will easily find jobs in the IT industry. This saves them a lot of trouble of looking at the different leads. Instead, they get a call when there is something available for them that matches their set of skills. John Goullet and Gene Waddy understand the issues that can come with finding a job. However, being an entrepreneur has its own challenges. John Goullet and Gene Waddy have both overcome their obstacles to offer something that can help people find the employment opportunity that they are looking for.

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