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Why you should try the cleansing conditioner and products by Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean products are known for their usage all over the world. They are made for that woman who wants to get hair that looks like that of the women in the infomercials done by the company. There are many men and women who struggle to find the right products for their hair. The good news is that the Wen by Chaz products are readily available and you can stock their line and have the many benefits they have.

The products by Wen by Chaz come in many varieties. The one which you must have in your bathroom for your hair regimen is the cleansing conditioner. Their cleansing conditioner is designed to offer cleansing properties of shampoos as well as the conditioning benefits of a conditioner. Their conditioner also combines the cleaning power of shampoos but makes sure that your hair is not prone or exposed to harsh chemicals. In fact, their products are organic and herbal and their natural ingredients and essential oils are good for the scalp as well as the hair itself.

If you are looking for deep conditioning and moisturizing in a hair product, choose Wen by Chaz Dean products on Amazon this very day and start reaping the benefits that come with it. Women who have used the products for styling and even treating their hair find the products truly effective and they have no complaints about hair breakage or such.

When you was your hair using some harsh shampoos, you may irritate your scalp and even develop dry skin with dandruff. With the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, you do not have to worry about that. All you have to do is use the specified amount of the product on your hair. When you want to style it, apply the treatment which protects both your hair and scalp.

For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel and their website


Steps To Take For Reputation Management

Who wants to succeed in business? The simple answer is “everyone”. Yet, not everyone is proactive enough to take the necessary steps to establish a desired brand name reputation online. Forbes published a well-crafted article that tells its readers to be very proactive with these tasks. More than just provide advice to be proactive, Forbes has tips on other strategies that should be taken as well.

Making oneself and one’s business known on the internet requires creating a solid presence. Social media is one of the best ways to do this which is why so many tens of millions of people promote themselves and their enterprises on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Creating as many social media profiles as possible and being active on them is of paramount importance in this market landscape.

Do not ignore other methods. Building a website, creating scores of different website domains, and adding incredible content to these online platforms are all things that should be done. Great content should never become stale. Updating content on websites and social media is strongly advised. Older, outdated content harms – if not eliminates – repeat visitor traffic.

At the time new content is produced, everyone should be made aware of it. An automated system that ensures “word gets out” new content has been published supports this task. Followers are only going to know what’s going on when they are notified.

Direct steps can be taken to reveal news to the public. Issuing a press release is a tried and true way of doing this. In the online age, a press released is released by simply publishing one online.

And do not listen to the downbeat online marketers who say search engine optimization is a thing of the past. The mere fact the search engines are still in existence and millions of people use them should dispel this myth. This fact should also serve as motivation to engage in SEO work. The stronger the positive presence in the search engines is, the better the impact on a reputation will be. is a resource to go to when search engine results are lacking. can clean up search results, annoying content, and more.

Skout Has Features That Go Above and Beyond


National Superhero Day has come and gone but that’s no reason that we can’t keep celebrating them! Superheros can virtually be anyone that helps to empower us and make us feel better about ourselves. No one celebrates Superheros better than Skout does. Skout is a popular dating and friendship app. Within the app, users have the chance to give virtual gifts to one another. It’s a way to facilitate conversations, impress someone, and form a connection. Those virtual gifts aren’t just good for the users, however. They actually benefit everyone. According to a PR Newswirearticle, those virtual gifts help out charities. For each virtual gift that is sent, Skout makes a monetary contribution to a charity. Those charities include ones like SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.

Skout has a lot of unique features that other online dating apps do not. For one, they have a travel feature which is like no other. Most other apps have it so that you can only strike up a conversation with someone who lives within a certain distance from you. That’s not the case at all when it comes to Skout. Skout wants you to branch out and make new friends. That’s why users have the option to pick a new city, state, or even country to visit. They can go as far away as New York or London. Here they can chat with new people they wouldn’t have met otherwise, learn about new cultues, and so much more.

Skout’s travel feature doesn’t just end with choosing a location. There’s another option for those who are adventurous. A user can shake their phone and they are connected with another user. This person can be anywhere in the world, that’s the beauty of it. It gives everyone a chance to branch out and learn new things while making new friends. It’s quite fun for those who rarely get to leave their house or travel much. It allows them to travel right from their phone.

Overall, Skout is great because it stands apart from the crowd. Skout is one of those apps that isn’t just about online dating. It has a community feel. Skout users can come together to talk about their lives, their feelings, and whatever else makes them tick. They can create statuses that share their feelings or they can post pictures of how they currently feel. It’s all about bringing people together.

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Online Reputation Management Team Completes Office Move

Online reputation management company Status Labs has recently completed its New York office move, settling in to a larger office with more space to expand. Status Labs continues to grow its team after adding four new staff members early this year. The new office is located at 1123 Broadway, where the company plans to hire five additional professionals in select departments by the end of 2016. This new building offers plenty of office space for the whole staff, with the ability to accommodate continued expansion.


One year ago Status Labs expanded from its Austin based location and now maintains three separate office locations in Austin, New York, and São Paulo. With 1500 clients in 35 countries, Status Labs caters to companies worldwide. With no shortage of companies in need of online guidance, Status Labs president Darius Fisher has his sights set on continued growth. The company has recently held the spotlight in publications such as the Huffington Post, Madison Avenue Insights, the New York Times, and Forbes.


Services offered by Status Labs include online reputation management, search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, plus a myriad of other digital solutions vital to successful online business practices. Online reputation management is offered to companies and individuals, emphasizing the importance of a positive online presence for both. Status Labs highlights the importance of appearance in Google searches and offers solutions for improving search results, as well as minimizing negative publicity through undesirable results.

Services such as social media management, with constant monitoring and engagement on social media accounts, free employees or business owners to focus on business related tasks. Crises management training helps maintain calm during crises, providing guidance for appropriate and relevant action and commentary during harrowing times. Status Labs offers a unique set of services custom tailored to individual companies, dependent upon specific business needs.

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