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Keith Mann Offers A College Scholarship

Keith Mann recently announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award will recognize the next generation of business leaders. Mann is partnering with Uncommon Schools, the non-profit charter management organization. A scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior each year.

Those who apply for the scholarship will have to write a 1,000 word essay about how a college degree will aid them in achieving their professional goals. Keith Mann, the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, is a strong advocate for education. He is also committed to discovering strong leaders and pairing them with the correct companies to help them forge their success. Mann says he wants to support the Uncommon Schools goal of helping low income students go to college, graduate, and succeed professionally.

Uncommon Schools sets up and manages top of the line charter public schools designed to close the achievement gap by preparing low income students for attending and graduating from college. The Uncommon School Network includes 44 schools across the states of New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The schools serve over 14,000 students.

Keith Mann has been a part of the executive search industry for over fifteen years. He is also an expert in hedge fund staffing and hiring strategy. Mann added the Alternative Investment Practice to his company in 2002 after identifying the hedge fund industry as being under served by the executive search industry. Mann is the current CEO of DSP and goes about the business of handling the day to day operations.

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Renowned Human Rights Activist Criticizes Socialism Yet Supports Sanders

Thor Halvorssen is a well-known human rights activist and a founder of the Human Rights Foundation. In a recent Fox TV interview, he openly criticized Socialism, yet admitted to supporting Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Presidential candidate known for Socialist proposal.

Mr. Halvorssen claimed that he would rather have him in the office than Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, as he went on, has accepted contributions from Middle Eastern states known for totalitarian regimes, suppression of human rights, and banning of Christmas. So, support for Mr. Sanders was a result of opting out for a lesser evil.

It seems, though, that Bernie will not win the nomination anyway. Now, the choice will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The problem is, as Thor Halvorssen portrayed, when a Socialist leader makes lots of populist promises to the people, but then ends up looting the country. An example that was given is Venezuela where the government froze prices of certain products and services, which then resulted in shortages and a humanitarian crisis.

Thor Halvorssen thinks that democratic Socialism can exist if there’s a rule of law. The problem is when the executive in charge decides to take control of everything.

Mr. Halvorssen’s family comes from Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner there, and his mother was shot. Presently, his first cousin is in prison in this South American country.

As this famous activist says, you don’t end poverty by redistribution of wealth. You need to create more wealth. But, not every Bernie Sanders supporter seems to understand that.

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