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Kabbalah Opens It’s Doors To Everyone

Kabbalah holds it’s roots in the ancient mystic traditions of the Jewish interpretations of the Bible. The teachings of The Zohar deciphers parts of The Torah to be understood on not just a literal but a spiritual level. Kabbalah was traditionally only available to study by men who were married and had achieved the grand age of 40, when men were considered to be wise. It was at this point that this specific group of scholarly people would be allowed to study Kabbalah.

What The Kabbalah Centre seeks to do is to break tradition so that Kabbalah may benefit a more diverse group of people, so that anyone can study Kabbalah regardless of their race, ethnicity, origin or religion. In the 1980s, some trailblazing people, couple Rav Phillip Berg and his wife Karen, became directors at The Kabbalah Center and did just this. They opened the teachings of the Kabbalah to anyone who wanted to study and improve their lives.

The Kabbalah Centre is a place of education and learning where students have access to this bounty of information that when applied, can help people with their jobs, their relationships, their happiness and safety and to diminish the rocky and confusing times in their lives. Studying Kabbalah can help people to secure that happy family life and secure path in their life that they have always known existed yet had trouble accessing.

There are Centers all over the US, Europe, and in Israel so that whoever seeks to study Kabbalah will have a learning center to attend. There are also web seminars and teachings that are available to anyone who may be studying remotely. Kabbalah is not a doctrine, or a forced religion or anything that someone would feel pressured to adopt. These teachings have simply been made available for everyone to have access too so they may use them in their lives to find better peace and stability.

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The Kabbalah, a Supplement to Religion

The Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles and is a non-profit organization. The centre’s teacher provide students with practical methods for practicing Kabbalah. This is especially useful for those who have no previous knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew writings.

According to Kabbalah, all religious and spiritual belief systems are simply aspects of a universal wisdom. This is one of the reasons that Kabbalah resembles major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism in some way or another. New Age teachings are also included in Kabbalah. This is why the Kabbalah Centre doesn’t consider itself a substitute for another religion. Instead, Kabbalah is seen as a supplement to religion.

The Bible is explored in Kabbalah, and it is believed that the stories in the Bible are metaphors for life. These Biblical passages are also said to present universal laws that are unraveled through Zohar and Kabbalist teaching. There are also Kabbalistic commentaries that correspond with the weekly section of the Torah.

Kabbalah also teaches that humans should be more concerned with their relationship to the energy that is God, rather than connecting to God Himself. The religion emphasizes that God is beyond human understanding. In Kabbalah, the essence of God is referred to as “Light.”

Those who practice Kabbalah also believe that the five senses only access 1% of reality. There is a belief that there is a 99% that can not be accessed with any of the five senses.

Kabbalah also incorporates astrology into its teachings, and asserts that astrology has been part of Judaism for centuries. Those who practice Kabbalah believe that cosmic forces have an affect on everything in the world.

The Los Angeles location for the Kabbalah Centre was opened in 1984. There are over 50 branches of the Kabbalah Centre around the world, with locations in London, Toronto and New York City. Visit their website for more information.