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Securus Technologies’ Invests Heavily To Lower Inmate & Family Costs

Securus Technologies one of Americas leading inmate telecommunications and monitoring system providers has, over the course of the last five years, invested over 1 billion dollars into various different foundations, funds and local groups in the hopes of utilizes these services to reduce inmate recidivism, that is to say, the rate at which a previous criminal returns to a life of crime. The company has placed upwards of 30 million alone into the video communication provider Primonics so that they will be able to continue developing faster, smoother communication devices for inmates and their family members since studies have shown that the more inmates are exposed to those on the outside, especially if they are friends and family, the less likely that individual is to fall back into illicit habits.


Securus Technologies has also paid out upwards of 722 million to various different prisons and other correctional inmate facilities to help these institutions acquire the equipment, technology and highly trained staff they need to properly assist their inmates and their families. The company has also invested heavily into the job finding software, Jobview, so that their inmates will be able to have up to date data and applications for work finding near and after their release from incarceration.


Securus Technologies is a prison technology company which is based out of Dallas, Texas but which operates nationally within the United States of America. The company is widely considered one of the biggest and the best in the industry and employs over 1000 individuals and has connections with well over 2000 different prisons and correctional facilities across the states.


Securus Technology: Innovative Solutions for Social Problems

Securus technology is a leading provider of technology-based safety and security services and products. The company serves over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 correctional facilities, public security and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies products enable communication, monitoring, investigation, biometric analysis, information management, and public information. Inmate products and services include media services, education, money transfer, healthcare, voice responses and video visitations.


The company received emails from users in prisons and other law enforcement agencies. One user utilized the company’s products to monitor calls to obtain information on inmate drug and substance abuse, illegal devices trade, money transfers and a past shooting incident. Other emails thanked the company for innovative solutions that have improved and revolutionized the incarceration process and environment. Securus Technologies on its part has been working towards developing a new product or service at least once a week to help strengthen the fight against social problems.


Over the years, Securus has spent over 670 million dollars to diversify their products and services through patents, partnerships, acquisitions, and advancements in technology. Securus develops all of its software in-house using its team of experts. The company interacts with inmates, jailers, parolees to get feedback about its products. Securus Technologies has been investing in research and product development to improve safety. Before diversifying, Securus commanded between 35 to 45% of the audio-inmate calling market. Currently, they operate in a larger market worth over 13 billion dollars.


The objective of Securus technology is to increase public safety, increase efficiencies in correctional agencies, solve social problems and reduce recidivism. They endeavor to provide affordable services for inmates to enable them to enjoy the various services and keep in touch with their families. With the Securus tablet, inmates can access books, religious materials, music, and news. The company is proud of its accomplishments so far.