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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wants To Change Government Function In Venezuela

The government in Venezuela has been functioning behind closed doors for a long time, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to make sure that the government comes out from the shadows to explain itself. The government needs to be held to account for all that it has not done, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that he has the experience as a businessman to help make a change.

There are changes that can be made as long as the people who are in government today are not in government all the time. The problem in Venezuela that Jose Manuel Gonzalez sees is that all the politicians are the only people who get involved in politics. They are going to do what they want to do on their own, and other people cannot get involved. He wants to be sure that all the people of the country have a chance to get involved, and he wants normal people like himself to get involved.

He has experience running a very large agriculture business, and he knows that he can bring that to the government to make a difference for the people of the country. He is not only very well intentioned, but he has all the expertise that is needed to manage the government’s budget, keep people accountable and work with people to reach compromises. Everything that Jose Manuel Gonzalez does will be for the people of Venezuela and not just those in the government.

The best part of his plan is that anyone can be a part of it. He has a lot of people working for him who will be able to participate in a new kind of government, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez will work with people he knows to make the government more efficient. He runs large businesses every day, but he also wants to be sure that the government is still run like a successful business. He has the results to prove that he would be a good civic leader, and he will keep putting out those results until people in the government are willing to admit that he would be a good choice.